I am the owner of one of Kenia's beautiful floral compositions. I love it. Her use of colour, light and shade is unique. She is a truly talented artist.

J.L. (Devon, U.K.)

My painting exceeded my expectations! It's exactly what I wanted. Sent Kenia a picture of Morro Bay and voila! Love it, love it, love it!!

L.K.T. (California, U.S.A.)

Kenia's paintings speak of a colourful world, full of life, that makes me want to find out what's behind them. Some give me peace and serenity. I'm mad about her palette and how she plays with it. I'd say she has a Sun and a rainbow in her heart. Just love them!

M.L.A. (Seville, Spain)

When I acquired one of Kenia's paintings, she had it delivered with much care. Not only is she a talented creator, she takes pride in her artwork. I wouldn't hesitate and recommend anyone to purchase from her.

S.W.W. (Malaysia/U.S.A./U.K.)

Thank you again so much for Cooper's portrait. You really captured his personality! The painting is so cute and life-like - we hung it in the center of our main hallway.

S.&L.K. (California, U.S.A.)

I was absolutely astounded by the beauty and detail that Kenia had put into her portrait of George the fox - she had captured his personality and stunning looks perfectly... Such a talented artist.


C.G. (Hampshire, U.K.)

I have four lovely paintings by Kenia. Two sit proudly in my sitting room complimenting my décor. Another I have in the bathroom and really stands out - I have received some nice comments by visitors who loved its colours. The last one sits on my daughter's chest of drawers. I have had these for quite a few years and I love them just as much as the day I put them up. Thank you, Kenia.


J.S. (London, U.K.)

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